Top 5 Free VPN Services


  • Do you have problems in opening certain websites like LinkedIn and Twitter at work?
  • Has your school blocked social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace?
  • Do you require to work anonymously online?

Using proxies is highly risky. May be you can use one of these 8 innovative ways to access blocked websites. But then, there is no guarantee that all of them will work. So, what can you do? Use a VPN client.


Few days back when I wrote a tutorial on how to access Hulu and Sling outside US, some readers were mentioning how Hulu has blocked Hotspot Shield proxies. But the fact is, HotSpot Shield is just one of the many Free (or cheap) VPN services available on the internet. So, this post is an effort to list out the Top 5 Free VPN Clients currently.

Top 5 Free VPN Clients

1. AlonWeb – Free VPN client


AlonWeb is a free VPN provider. It uses the standard OpenVPN tunneling service by hiding your real IP address enabling you to visit some restricted websites, but injects advertisements to the pages a user browses through their service. The servers are located in the Netherlands and Panama. You have to choose the server on the website. Users are allowed to transfer 1GB of traffic every month. That is enough to browse normal websites, but not for downloading music or movies. With Alonweb you automatically use the OpenDNS-Servers.

2. PacketiX.NET – Free VPN client


PacketiX.NET is a Japan VPN service. It is actually a premium service, but they have PacketiX.NET online test service as well which is free to use. The service is fast and reliable and it is easy to use as well. Just download the VPN connection manager, install and connect!

3. UltraVPN – an OpenVPN client


UltraVPN is a French VPN client that hides your connection from unwanted ears and allows you to use blocked application. It is also based on OpenVPN service. Traffic is quota is unlimited. Bandwidth is up to 500Ko/s depending on network conditions. .

4. AlwaysVPN – The latest free VPN client


AlwaysVPN is always used as VPN to protect public WiFi hotspot session, but its usage is not limited for security Wi-Fi wireless connection. AlwaysVPN’s server is based in United States which means that it can be used to access sites like Hulu, Sling etc which work only for US proxies. AlwaysVPN can be used without limit on traffic or bandwidth or speed.

Update: AlwaysVPN is no more free, it has become prepaid service.

5. CyberGhost – Free VPN service


CyberGhost is a free VPN service from Germany which helps you route you through a German IP. The free service is limited to 10GB traffic every month, which is more than enough for surfing on websites, chatting and email. The paid service is also affordable.





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